Top 5 reasons why you should book an engagement shoot!

I absolutely love engagement images of my brides and grooms!   The photos really capture that engagement “glow” of both of you and what better way to enjoy this engaged time in your life than with beautiful pictures!   

   Here are my top 5 reasons why I feel like you would be so happy you decided to do an engagement shoot with your fiance….

1. Get to know your photographer before your wedding day

  Doing an engagement shoot is an excellent way to get to know your photographer better and get in some practise in front of the camera for you and your fiance.  This will break the ice building your relationship with your photographer and become a little bit more comfortable in front of the lens.    Spend the afternoon/evening together and go grab a bite to eat afterwards.  On your wedding day, it will be like you have a really great friend photographing your wedding and it will make your day so much more enjoyable and fun!

2. Photo for your Save the Date Cards  

 A lot of my brides love to have a special picture taken for their Save the Date cards.  Of course the purpose of the cards is so your guests can be aware of your wedding date coming up and can make the proper travel arrangements or save your wedding date on their calendar, but the photos taken for these cards can be used again on your wedding day displayed on your guest sign in table, cake table, a sweet mantle or even your favor table or head table.  It’s just a nice touch and adds so much of your own personality to your wedding day.

3. A Change of Season

This is a great opportunity to have some photos taken of you and your fiance in a completely different setting than your wedding day.  If you are having a Summer wedding day where the location outside may be a lot dryer and more arid, make use of Winter or Spring of the year or season before your wedding to have a completely different feel to your engagement photos.  An Autumn wedding day will surely be full of rich color so maybe shoot some engagement pictures during the Summer time at the beach! A few different outfits for both you and your fiance can change it up from casual to very formal or anything in between.  Get creative and fun with your engagement session and really pull your personality into this.

4. Get to know your best side

 Often times during your engagement session your photographer will get to know what angles and poses work best for you and your fiance.   This is a great opportunity to communicate with your photographer what you do and do not like when taking pictures and what your photographer may want to be mindful of on your wedding day.  This is also a great opportunity to do a trial run on hair and make up, especially if you have never had your hair and make up done before.  You may not want to do the exact hair style and make up you will wear on your wedding day but certainly get an idea of the stylist and artist you might want to use and try them out!  Once you do see your finished engagement photos you will get so excited about your wedding day pictures and all the excitement yet to come!  Yay!

5. Enjoy the excitement of being engaged

 Whether you have just got engaged or you have been engaged a year and are just now starting to plan your wedding day, an engagement session is a time when you can really really just enjoy each other and this special time of being engaged!   Your photographer will start out with a few shots just to warm you up in front of the camera, then once you get more and more comfortable in front of the lens, you relax and start to enjoy the moment together. This is where your love is captured and the real magic happens and we want to see this!! 

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